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Asian Hustle Network Product Design & Development

Asian Hustle Network was created to bring the Asian community together and to give all the hustlers an opportunity to share anything related to their business/side business and to network with other professionals.

August 2020
Asian Hustle Network

In this project, Asian Hustle Network wanted to migrate their private closed facebook group online traffic to a new website, at there, members would learn more about the company values, ongoing events, marketplace to host b2b products, memberships and AHN member only online courses. My goal was to design a simple, friendly experience that would empower AHN users to learn autonomously. Below is a look at the final build. I collaborated on a team of eight (Marketing & Business Development) to increase user engagement and retention for AHN's internal knowledge base.       

Screenshot from previous website
Screenshot from previous website

Brainstorm / Project roadmap

Member Survey A ( Understand Audience):

Source of Truth for Vendors / Partners

User interview questionnaire with 4 steps

  1. Pre-Interview ( 2-3 individualize questions)
  2. During Interview - Preamble ( Explain task / mission to interviewee, explain interview format etc )
  3. Actual interview ( pre-selecting 4-6 Core questions )
  4. Post interview ( Save recording & rename file, review and revise transcription, Craft story)

format sample of user interview ( User background, user intentions & answers )

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