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Student Aid App

Esperanza is an app that help students understand their financial options, career support and challenges ahead to further address them.

August 2017
Domestic students with financial need

Proven statistics show, an estimated 65% of students who graduated took out student loans, and about 15% of that debt consisted of private student loans. During my research, I realized that the most seemed helpful resources for this matter are charity websites built with unorganized external links, leading to excess more websites without proper information. However, most of the students nowadays have access to smart devices, thus I'm targeting iOS as my platform. The design goal is to create an intuitive app to help sort the information.


Design solution:
01. Prevent student with financial needs dropping out of school Β 
Design feature - Keep them posted for latest financial support.

02. Provide early career support for students.
Design feature - A schedule of quality classes they can take.

03. Connect students with mentor support and services they need.
Design feature -A instant contact channel with consultants add.

Profile Dashboard
App IA VIP - Focus on task flow seemed to be the common theme amongst beginner users.
I want to eliminate some of the process so that it is more intuitive for the user.


High fidelity screens to demo the essential functions



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